Friday, August 27, 2010

rain check-

I had to get my first rain check last night.  I've never really had the courage to ask for one before, but since this was such a hot deal I was after, I mustarded it up to ask.

I went to Walgreen's last night to snag this awesome deal-

They are currently on sale for 1/2 price making them $3.99 each.  I currently have 4 coupons for $4.00 off!
Yes, my friend, that makes them FREE.  Unfortunately, they were out of stock - which tells me I have some other 'couponing' friends in Searcy that I need to get to know!

The guy at the check out last night was very nice.  He gave me a rain check for the item not in stock & told me the truck should be in on Saturday.  I can't wait to go back & get this awesome deal!

Until next time-

happy friday & happy couponing!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

giving it a shot-

So, I thought I would give this blogging thing a shot.  I don't necessarily have a theme to this.  More than likely, it will be all over the place, just like me at times.
There are several 'couponing' sites that I like to go to.  They are very helpful as I try to live a 'frugal' lifestyle.  I admire the authors of the various blogs I have visited; as I now know, it takes a lot of work to even put an initial post together.
Couponing has become a hobby for me.  I no longer dread going to the grocery store, but instead, I look forward to it.  I'm not the best at it, I've got so much more to learn, but I try.  I've recently been collecting more and more coupons and I find myself buying more things with a coupon than without.  Don't get me wrong, I get lots of smirks, lots of laughs, for being the 'crazy coupon lady,' but hey - I enjoy doing it & I enjoy saving my family money even more.
I've had several of my friends ask, "How do you do it?"  Well, my intentions for this blog is to share what I know.  As stated before, I do not know it all, but I do have a couple of tricks, a couple of tips, to get you started.
I'd like to begin my first official post with my Kroger deals for this week.  I've recently learned of a new coupon policy that Kroger has.  If you go to the Kroger website, you can register with an email address and password.  Once you do this, it will ask for your Kroger card number.  If you do not know your Kroger card number, it should be registered under your phone number.  If you do not have a Kroger card, I encourage you to get one.  Even if you do not coupon, just by having a Kroger card, you can save lots of cash ola.  Once you've registered with the website, you can begin to load your Kroger card with coupons.

You will be able to see what coupons are loaded onto your card and once you are done loading them, you can even print out a list and bring it with you into the store.  After you have started using the coupons, you may log back in and see which have been used, which are left, when they are expiring, etc.

I've only been using this method for a couple of weeks now, but I know that over time, it will make a huge difference.  If that wasn't great news for Kroger, in and of itself, the best part is that not only can you use the Kroger coupon (KC) against the item, but you can also use your manufacturer coupon (MC).  Yes, you can use one of each coupon against one item.  Following are the 'deals' I have found at Kroger this week.  If you do not get a copy of the Kroger sales flier, you can look at it on the website by putting in your zip code (Searcy does not have theirs online, but you can use the one for Cabot).  Please follow the Kroger sales flyer to see even more deals!

  • Eggs - $1.00/dozen
  • Dannon Yogurt - $1.88
    • -$1.00 catalina
  • Cream cheese - $1.00 (x 2)
  • Martha White muffin mix - $1.00 (x 2)
  • General Mills cereal - $1.98
    • -.75 Kix (MC)
    • -.55 Trix (MC)
    • -.55 Cocoa Puffs (MC)
    • -.75 Multi grain Cheerios (MC)    -.75 (KC)
    • -.75 Multi grain Cheerios (MC)
GRAND TOTAL = $11.68

That is for one dozen eggs, one package of yogurt, 2 blocks of cream cheese, 2 packages of muffin mix and 5 boxes of cereal.  Not to shabby! And o-my-goodness...I almost forgot!  Kroger doubles manufacturer coupons up to .50 of the face value!

Until next time....

happy couponing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


your dream must be bigger than your fear.
-china star fortune cookie